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Buzzard Industries - Manufacturers of the Overlander and Bush Pig off-road trailers, Hi n'Dri Roof Top Tents and various safari equipment.
Bushman Off-Road Trailers - From the time that manlike creatures first walked the earth some 4 million years ago until about 8000 b.c., all mankind lived by the chase. Few have adapted to the environment as well as the Bushmen."
Conqueror Off-Road Campers - South African manufacturer of 4x4 offroad camping trailers and rooftop tents. Mega Manufacturers, the thoughtful designer and manufacturer of the Conqueror off-road camper has a passionate and in depth understanding of what off-road capabilities really mean and providing absolute attention to finer detail is what makes Mega Manufacturers a company with superior vision and design excellence.
Jurgen Ci - Every Jurgens caravan is scientifically designed to deliver the greatest structural integrity at the lowest possible weight. Add to the aerodynamic efficiency and you have caravans that are easy to tow and handle on site.

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