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Caravan Trailer AB - Hymercenter Filarevägen 15 , S-70012 Örebro Phone: +46 19 370010 / Fax: +46 19 370019
Hymer Center Ängelholm - Långskeppsgatan 12, S-26271 Ängelholm, Phone: +46 4 31 449 020 / Fax: +46 4 31 449 029
Polar Caravans - OUR BASIC IDEA is that, regardless of the Polar caravan you choose, you will receive the same high quality and lots of smart solutions. The Polar 520 is an excellent example of this. It has everything you need for sleeping, eating and socialising. It is a well-equipped and smooth riding Polar caravan for anyone looking to quickly and easily take both shorter trips and longer holidays. It is also easy to drive on winding country roads and into tight parking spaces. That is why it is so popular.


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