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For caravan owners with a garage or driveway, the first thought will be to keep it at home. Whilst the greater shelter and security of a garage are obviously major considerations, you must also take into account the height and length of your new mobile home. Coachbuilt models are upwards of 2.7m in height, while fixed roofs extend to around 2m. Micro caravans range from 1.8m to 2m in height. The length can be a particular problem when looking at home storage, with many caravans stretching over 7m. Take all the dimensions of your garage with you when looking at purchasing a caravan.

If you have a garage or a drive you may want to consider keeping your touring vehicle at home. Keeping your
vehicle in the garage is obviously the preferable option because of the greater security and shelter. Height and
length are deciding factors with this option, especially if you have a motor caravan.

Keeping your touring vehicle on your drive may seem like the perfect option because there are no obvious height
problems, but it’s worth checking your local bylaws because there may be restrictions. It is also more difficult
to secure your vehicle if it is parked on a driveway.

Storing your caravan or motor caravan at home may be convenient and cost effective, but many vehicles
are stolen from domestic locations, it’s worth applying as many of the above precautions to domestic storage
as possible.

You may find you’re better off considering other storage options, such as keeping the caravan near the site you intend to visit regularly. There are literally thousands of storage facilities for caravans across the country, including some close to ferry ports – so you needn’t worry if your favourite camp site is on the continent!

Maybe you have a favourite site that you go to again and again, so you might want to consider storing your
caravan or motor caravan on site or nearby.

If you’d rather have your touring vehicle closer to home so you can tour anywhere straight from your door, then
search for a site nearby. You shouldn’t have to look very far, there are lots of storage sites all over the country.

Storing your caravan during the winter can be fraught with problems; it is hardly an option to head down to the dealership every year to buy a new one and hence maintaining your caravan is essential. One way to keep your fridge in good condition is to keep the packets of silica gel that come with new shoes. By placing these in the fridge when it is not in use, smells and mould will be kept to a minimum. Not only will this prolong the life of your fridge but also make cleaning your caravan easier. An addition to this is to ensure all of the water in your caravan is drained over the winter, the damage caused by frost and freezing can be catastrophic.

Flies are a constant gripe of the caravanner; it is often the case that after a long journey the front window of your caravan is covered with dead flies. Many will endure the constant scraping and cleaning every time you head out on a journey but there is an easier way. By fixing cling film over the front window all you will have to do on arrival is to remove the cling film and hey presto, the window will be clean. Another cleaning tip is for those who want to remove the dealership stickers, rather than scrubbing with water, applying a small amount of petrol or lighter fluid the stickers will make the stickers come off easily.

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